Using a Drawer Style Box is an excellent way to display your merchandise. There are many benefits to using one over an ordinary box, including enhanced protection, enhanced sales, and elevated brand recognition.

Why Choose Drawer Box Over Ordinary Box

For several reasons, it would be best if you used a drawer box instead of an ordinary box. You need to determine the weight of the contents you intend to store. Different types of drawers are built differently and better suited for different items. It would be best if you also took measurements for the depth and width of the box. Ideally, you should get measurements from several places and use the smallest ones. Secondly, the drawer front and back must be installed between the sides of the box. This provides shear strength to the box.

Drawer Boxes also feature a unique feature that prevents the spilling of drawer contents. Unlike ordinary boxes, Drawer Boxes are designed to prevent accidental spills by catching the drawer about four inches before it reaches the end. This eliminates the need to lift the box to access the contents. However, you might still want to remove a drawer occasionally.

Elevated Sales

Wholesale drawer style boxes are an innovative and effective way to convey product information to consumers. These boxes can include the product's name, ingredients, expiration date, and other details essential for customers. Moreover, they can help your brand to stand out from competitors. This also makes it easy for customers to remember the brand when they need to order again.

These boxes are a great way to show off your products, and many retailers choose to order custom drawer style boxes for their products. These boxes are made with a tray that slides out from the bulk box to reveal a drawer at the top. With custom drawer style boxes, you can easily make them more appealing and enticing to your customers.

Highlight your Brand

Drawer style boxes offer an exciting way to illustrate the details of a product and help the customer get the information they need. Typical features of these boxes include the brand name, ingredients, and expiration date. This box type is a great way to build a trusted relationship with your customers and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Non-Slip Material

Rigid drawer boxes looks great when it's made out of a non-slip material. Its self-adhesive backing keeps it in place, and the spongey material prevents items from sliding around. A 100% recyclable polystyrene sheet forms the base material, while natural rubber covers the top layer. The combination of natural rubber and polystyrene makes it safe for the food industry, while the new material composition provides an added sealing effect to prevent spilled liquids from seeping through.

Foam toolbox drawer liners are available in many different types. Some feature a recessed area for tools, while others just add a non-slip surface. Think carefully about the type of foam you need for your drawer style box before buying one. It is important to make sure you choose the right type for the style and purpose of your drawer.


A Square drawer style box can be used for a variety of purposes. Aside from being a useful storage option, these boxes are ideal for displaying merchandise in a retail store. They can be made of a variety of materials and can feature any number of compartments. Many clients also like to include dividers or folding paper inserts inside the boxes, which can help them organize their contents. Another great option is a molded platform made from high-density foam.

If you are looking to set up a cash drawer in your business, you should know that you can grant employees and managers access to each drawer. To do this, you must enable the permission to view cash drawer reporting in the Square app. You can also choose to receive this report by e-mail.

Kraft Paper

Using kraft paper as your packaging material is a great way to give your drawer style boxes an extra special look. This type of paper is smooth to the touch and amazing to look at. Its look and feel will captivate your prospects and they will feel more inclined to try the items inside. Kraft paper boxes also make excellent counter displays because they show off your products in the most visible part of the store.

In addition to its attractive looks, the natural brown color of kraft paper allows for vibrant colors and prints. You can print your design on this type of paperboard and have 100% saturation in your desired areas. When choosing a color for your design, go for a darker hue, as light colors will not make your drawer style box look good on this type of paper.


Whether a product is high-end or low-end, the box is integral to the brand experience. It not only helps preserve the product, but it also conveys a message about the brand. Many business owners and retailers spend a considerable amount of money on improving the packaging of their products.